9 Steps
to owning your

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Step 1 - Locate Building Site Step1
A large portion of our log cabin projects are built on recreational property. When choosing a parcel be sure to check the minimum square foot size required for the cabin by the township or county, especially if the cabin is to be used as a primary residence. Keep in mind items such as tree clearing and availability of utilities such as electric and gas. Your land will need certain site improvements before the cabin can be built such as a well, septic system and a suitable foundation. If you are interested in a particular area in Michigan, please let us know. We may be able to help you find property in the areas you are looking for.

Step 2 - Select your Floor Plan
Oasis Log CabinsWe have several floor plans to choose from and we can custom design a floor plan for your specific needs. Our Log home specialists can help you with floor plan choices while keeping your budget in mind. Our specialists will explain the entire construction process and answer any questions.

Step 3 - Explore Finance Options
Step3Our long standing relationships with the nation's most experienced lending lending institutions has given Oasis Log Homes the competitive advantage in making your dream home possible. Our loan professionals will answer all of your questions and help you make an educated decision when choosing a loan program best suited to your financial situation.


Step 4 - Order your Cabin
Step4Finalize the plans and complete the order. The delivery of your cabin in now 6-8 weeks away. During this time site improvements will prepare your property so that when the cabin materials are delivered the construction can begin.

Step 5 - Install the Foundation and Site Improvements
Oasis Log Homes Step 5Each township and county will vary on the requirements, but typically a crawl space foundation will have a frost footing that reaches a depth of 42 inches below finished grade. A well and a septic system may also be required and will need to be installed prior to completion of the project.

Step 6 - Take Delivery
Step6The log cabin package will be delivered to your site. One of our representatives will be present to ensure the materials are properly placed and the log package delivery is complete.

Step 7 - Building your Log Cabin
Step7Oasis Log Homes crew will start contruction of your cabin.  We will provide excellent craftsmanship to construct your cabin according to your plans while you sit back and watch.

Step 8 - Finishes
Items such as electric, plumbing, drywall on interior walls, cabinets and floor coverings are completed in stages once the structure has been closed in from the weather.


Step 9 - Move In and Enjoy
Fire up the woodstove and bring the toys. Your Oasis Log Homes cabin will provide enjoyment for generations to come. Fond memories of the outdoors, the ambiance, and the unmistakeable pine scent of your cabin will be remembered forever.