Problems with Log Home Kits

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If you have ordered anything that needs “some assembly required”, you may have found a portion of the assembly process confusing or have had to even re-do a few steps.

Now imagine that instead of 10 pieces to assemble your item, you now have thousands of pieces to put together.  That is what is included in a log home kit. If you cut a wood piece incorrectly or accidently use put it in the wrong location, it is your mistake and is costly and time consuming to have a new piece shipped out to complete your project.  Even if this happens only once during the assembly process, it will be costly and hold up your project completion date.

Lets say you you elect to not assemble the kit yourself and want to hire a builder.  As you shop around, you will find a small selection of builders who will take on the project. The reason is that most builders are not familiar with the log kit assembly or the manufacturer's products. All log manufacturers build their homes differently, so all log kits will be different and it is difficult for local builders to estimate the installation costs.  As a result, builders will increase their price due to the learning curve and extra time and labor needed to understand and build your cabin.

Oasis Log Homes offers single source accountability because we are one of the few log home companies that performs the installation of the logs we mill.